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About Taiwan Studies

As a world-leading institution with a strong focus on Asia, the ANU has long valued Taiwan Studies. The Taiwan Studies program is committed to enhancing the understanding of Taiwan, one of Australia’s most important neighbors.

Taiwan is a dynamic society where complicated colonial pasts echo in the thriving multicultural democracy of today. Beyond being a fascinating East Asian case study, Taiwan is worthy of research in and of itself. The study of Taiwan offers students multiple perspectives on language, colonialism, the Cold War, religion, the transition from authoritarianism to democracy, social movements, cinema, literature, art, music, economic growth, and so on. Studying Taiwan is an exciting, essential and eye-opening element of studying Asia.

Who We Are

Beginning in 2010, under the instruction of Prof Liao Hsin-tien 廖新田, Taiwan Studies is now led by Dr Tsai Tsang-Huang 蔡燦煌.

A number of academics who have produced important research on Taiwan have studied at ANU, including Gary Klintworth, John Makeham, Chen Jie, Miriam Lang, Jeremy Taylor and Scott Pacey.

We also have a number of PhD candidates studying aspects of Taiwan such as religious history, social movements, contemporary politics and cross-Straits relations. In addition, many students come from Taiwan to the ANU to further their education.

We look forward to you joining us and discovering why ANU is the best place in Australia to study Taiwan.

'There was a striking similarity between the making of this Formosan [Taiwanese] character and that of the Australian. In each case the early migrants had to face the inclemencies of Nature and dare the dangers of an inhospitable land… Gradually there developed those feuds which stained the history of the island with much blood… The early histories of Formosa and the Australian settlers run in parallel lines.'

W.G. Goddard, Formosa: A Study in Chinese History (London: Macmillan, 1965), xii-xiii.

Taiwan focused Courses

ANU has a number of exchange partners in Taiwan, including:

More information is available from ANU Global Programs.

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The ANU holds a fantastic collection of resources on Taiwan, many of which are online:

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