Linguistics - Research projects

We are involved in documenting and describing the myriad languages of the vast Asia Pacific region, drawing on fieldwork within the speech communities - and producing grammars, dictionaries and collections of recorded textual materials.

AusTalk (An audio-visual corpus of Australian English)

The AusTalk (An audio-visual corpus of Australian English) project, which aims at compiling a large state-of-the-art database of spoken Australian English from all around the country.

Indonesian Parallel Grammar (ParGram) project

The project will bring together a multi-site interdisciplinary team of investigators - Jane Simpson (Linguistics, Sydney University, Australia), I Wayan Arka and Avery Andrews (Linguistics, ANU, Austr

Japanese education

The Japanese education project, which examines a variety of issues in Japanese education in the Australian context.

Languages of Southern New Guinea project

The Languages of Southern New Guinea project, the first systematic investigation of the languages of the Southern New Guinea region, with the outcomes including detailed grammatical descriptions of si

Mon-Khmer Languages Project

The Mon-Khmer Languages project is creating essential research and reference resources for the Mon-Khmer language family.

Pragmatic acquisition

The study examines acquisition of the pragmatics of Indonesian by a group of twelve Australian learners participating in an in-country language course of seven weeks duration while living in a homesta

The Endangered Papuan Languages of Merauke-Indonesia: ethnobiological and linguistic documentation

The project will focus on ethnobiological documentation of two endangered Papuan languages of the Wasur National Park, Merauke-Indonesia: Marori and Smärky Kanum.

The Korean-Japanese spoken discourse project

The Korean-Japanese spoken discourse project, which explores the special features of spoken conversation in Korean and Japanese.

The Oceanic Lexicon Project

The Oceanic Lexicon Project is producing a seven-volume series reconstructing the lexicon of Proto Oceanic, the language ancestral to most of the Austronesian languages of Melanesia, Polynesia and Mic

Laureate Professor Nicholas Evans

The Wellsprings of Linguistic Diversity

The Wellsprings of Linguistic Diversity is a five year Laureate project, awarded by the Australian Research Council to Professor Nicholas Evans, which seeks to address fundamental questions of linguis


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