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Dramatic vegetation changes in the past hint at dire future

A study on dramatic changes to Earth’s vegetation as it emerged from the last ice age and temperatures rose has offered clues on the kinds of transformations that will occur to landscapes with simi

Laziness helped lead to extinction of Homo erectus

New archaeological research from The Australian National University (ANU) has found that Homo erectus, an extinct species of primitive humans, went extinct in part because they were 'lazy'.

ANU-Hebrew U collaboration bringing Indonesian Studies to Israel

Ronit Ricci is an Associate Professor in the Department of Asian Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and in the School of Culture, History and Language.

Steamer viewed from unknown island, Collection PMB PHOTO 91-056. Original lantern slide held at Presbyterian Research Centre, Knox College, Dunedin, New Zealand.

PAMBU: safeguarding the documentary heritage of the Pacific for 50 years.

The Pacific Manuscripts Bureau, affectionately known as PAMBU, is a not-for-profit organisation auspiced by the School of Culture, History and Lan

Research shows dingos arrived in Australia more recently than previously thought

Radiocarbon dating of the oldest known dingo bones has confirmed that the species likely arrived in Australia more recently than previously believed.

Joanna Barrkman and Baguia men viewing collection amulets, Timor Leste

Return to Baguia: an ethnographic museum collection on the edge of living memory

During her PhD Joanna Barrkman travelled far and wide, and allowed her to temporarily repatriate a collection in Switzerland to Timor-Leste.

Small Finds: between art and archaeology

An archaeological laboratory is not the first place you'd think to find an art exhibition.

Grazia Scotellaro

Grazia Scotellaro: 'Overcoming obstacles'

Grazia Scotellaro never expected to be in charge of the Digital Education Services (DES) team supporting language teaching at the College of Asia and the Pacific.


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