Transnational Humanities in Korean Studies

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The transnational movement of people, ideas and material cultures is not novel in the contemporary era. Transnational mobility has been with us throughout human history, but since the nineteenth century the pace has become unprecedentedly rapid due to the combined forces of imperial expansion, capitalist development, and industrialization. Furthermore, border-crossing mobility, whether intended or by force, was no longer limited to a few privileged elites, it fell into the purview of a much wider segment of the population.

In this conference "transnational humanities" is understood in its broadest possible sense, aiming to capture the dynamic movement and networks of people, ideas and materials across national boundaries as pivotal forces that shaped and reshaped modern and contemporary Korea. This conference will bring together scholars and students whose research sheds new light on the history of Korea from a transnational perspective. The conference is composed of three sessions. The first session, Korea and the World in Literature, will explore the flow of ideas between Korea and the wider world through the medium of literature. The second session, Negotiating National Identities in Film, will explore identity and culture as represented in film. The final session, Space, Society, and Gender, will address different types of social constructions: views on urban and rural spaces in visions of modernity in colonial Korea, transborder membership politics and bureaucratic procedures throughout the twentieth century, and the conceptualisation and performance of masculinity in recent times across East Asian cultures.

The Transnational Humanities in Korean Studies conference aims to investigate specific cases that demonstrate the nature, process and outcome of transnational flow, networks and actors, centering on Korea. The conference will also provide opportunities for student-led discussion and open discussion for a dynamic and constructive investigation of how scholars can engage with the questions raised by transnational mobility and the interactions of peoples, societies, and cultures.

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Thursday 19 May 2016 to Friday 20 May 2016



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