Cut Nyak Din, A Study of Female Heroism in the Land of Sharia

Myra Mentari

Event details

PhD Seminar

Date & time

Tuesday 07 November 2017


Basham Room


Myra Mentari Abubakar


Myra Mentari Abubakar

This research will seek to theorize the idea of female heroism in Aceh, Indonesia, through a historical heroine figure, Cut Nyak Din and to evaluate the changing important of this idea from 19th century to the present. This study is built upon the argument that Acehnese women are not occupying the subordinate role that they are supposed to occupy, but playing considerably active role (J. Siapno, 2002). The cogency of this argument will be tested by using critical discourse analysis to evaluate how the discourse and narrative portray the representation of female heroine. My specific goal is to analyze how heroism is constructed in different textual sites, such as national hero lists, hikayat (Epic Verse), and film and examine how do the selected texts portray the legacy of female heroism. This study will seek to answer questions: how have the ideas of female heroism evolved in Aceh, from the 19th century to the present? How Cut Nyak Din figure has been constructed as a hero by Dutch, Acehnese, and the Indonesian state for different political purpose? At the same time, it will also identify the way in which textual, cultural, and state representations of Cut Nyak Din reveal tensions in Dutch, Indonesian, and Acehnese ideologies of gender.

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