Commonwealth Supported Places Master of Asian and Pacific Studies recipients 2019

3rd May 2019

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Students of the ANU School of Culture History and Language enrolled in the Master of Asian and Pacific Studies (MAPS) have won the esteemed Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP) scholarship award. The successful students are Vanessa Rouse, Tatum Street and Kaolaine Fainu.

This award provides successful students a significant amount of money to go towards their tuition fees. It is a highly competitive grant and is a huge achievement for these students.

MAPS is a 2 year coursework Master’s program that offers a wide variety of options for students. The graduate degree offers units across Asian and Pacific cultures, societies, politics, environments and histories. The variety in this course is highlighted between the differences in choices amongst the three students.

Vanessa wanted to focus on Korean studies. “Primarily I chose the MAPS program to major in Korean studies. The caliber of lecturers in the Korean program is world renowned.” Tatum liked that a language could be embedded into his study program. “The MAPS program attracted me because it offers the chance to focus on the South Asian region as well as development studies. Another major appeal of the program was the ability to study Hindi as a language as part of my coursework.”

Kaolaine wanted to study different Oceanic peoples. “Doing the MAPS course would allow me to learn about Oceanic communities in disciplines that I haven't studied before, and I am particularly interested in Policy, Development, Gender studies and understanding the relationship Oceanic communities have with 'bigger' nations and the evolving role and interest international powers have in the Pacific.”

There is much to be had in career progression after completing a program like this. After she completes her study, Tatum wants to further develop on her background in human rights issues. “I aim to continue working in the anti-human trafficking space in India and the wider region and the MAPS program is enabling me to build a stronger foundation for this.” Vanessa’s background was in Australia’s cultural/entertainment industries, and community engagement. After the completion of her course she wants to use the skills gained in the course to further her career. “I plan to live and work in Korea, with a continued focus on media, Aust-Korean cultural exchange and children’s rights.”

Kaolaine wanted to change her career and explore her heritage. “My experience to date has mostly been in the creative fields, through film, the arts and storytelling (photography, journalism, documentary film-making)… I think the combination of my experience within and as a part of the Pacific community combined with my studies will help make me an ideal candidate for a role within an organisation like DFAT / Pacific Women, and I am sure MAPS and ANU will be able to provide me with the necessary tools to help get me there.”

The general variety that is available in unit selection, is a big attraction to many students. “What I really like about the MAPS program is the diverse range of subjects to choose from and also the flexibility in whether you want to choose subjects based on region, discipline or just a mix of whatever your personal interests are. I also like that there are a number of study abroad options which I fully intend to take advantage of!” Kaolaine said. Tatum agrees, “I think it is a testament to the flexibility and appeal of the program that it brings together so many students with a range of experiences and interests from and in the Asian and Pacific region.” Vanessa mentioned that “I have been nourished by the course and challenged by the personal insights of international students.”

For enquiries about the MAPS, contact, or visit the program webpage. For information regarding the Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP) scholarship award, visit the eligibility webpage.

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