Burmese Buddhist Temple

Burmese Buddhist Temple

Upcoming Burmese courses

27th May 2016

There is now 2 Burmese courses for 2016. Our new Burmese Lecturer Dr Yuri Takahashi is excited and can't wait to spread the word on the joys of Burmese!

We currently run 2 courses, a winter session 2 week intensive called Burmese 1 and a newly created second semester course called Burmese 2.

Burmese 1 will be run over 2 weeks: 20-24 June and 11-15 July. The purpose of the course is to introduce students to the Burmese language, and provide them with beginner level communicative commands, with an emphasis on conversation in everyday situations. Students will also begin to familiarise themselves with reading and writing Burmese script.

Burmese 2 - run during semester 2 - will build on the skills learned in Burmese 1. Upon completion of this course, students should be able to; have a good knowledge of grammar of spoken Burmese and basic vocabulary, keep up a conversation for a short time on daily life topics such as at the shops, schools and hospitals, read longer passages in Burmese written in the colloquial style, and write longer passages in the colloquial Burmese style on daily topics. We are currently planning on more Burmese courses in the future to create a minor for our degrees.

Interested students should contact the CAP Student Centre for more information.

E: cap.student@anu.edu.au

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