Simon Haberle with Natalie Maras

Simon Haberle with Natalie Maras

Partner’s in pollen

8th December 2016

ANU College of Asia and the Pacific has been gifted unique pollen particle sculptures from scientist and artist, Natalie Maras.

Maras was an Honorary Visiting Fellow at the ANU Department of Archaeology and Natural History in 2014 - 2015 and has been working on a collaborative pollen project with Professor Simon Haberle since 2014.

Maras’s Pollen sculptures first exhibited at Botanica: The Art of Seduction: Plants and their Pollinators at the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney. They were the first sculptures ever accepted in the prestigious exhibition.

A collection of these sculptures were presented to the ANU Department of Archaeology and Natural History and will be used in classes to illustrate the 3 dimensional nature of pollen.

“These sculptures provide a wonderful opportunity to showcase the kind of imagination, possibilities and beauty of what we do,” said Professor Haberle.

“They will be really important for our students because they provide a different way of looking at things - it shows there are other ways to think about what we’re looking at in the scientific world”.

Professor Haberle said the sculptures symbolise the importance of connecting with communities outside of traditional academia.

“We should engage with many communities that have interesting thoughts and ideas about the work we do,” said Professor Haberle.

Maras hopes her work will stimulate news ideas and a foster a deep curiosity in students.

“I want to inspire people to ask, what is that? Where does it come from? – When people are beginning to ask questions, they go deeper. My role is to get people to ask more questions,” said Maras.

“Collaborations such as this mean we can push the whole enquiry forward and develop people’s interest. These sculptures are a colourful 3D sign saying - hello engage with us,” said Maras.

Find out more about Natalie Maras’s works at FINDI FLOOSHKI.

The story was first published on the ANU College of Asia and the Pacific website.

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