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1st December 2017

On Friday 24th November the Dean of the College of Asia and the Pacific Dr Michael Wesley presided over the annual College of Asia and the Pacific Awards for Excellence in Education. Many of the awardees are from the School of Culture, History and Language, or in the case of Rebecca Gidley of the Coral Bell School of Asia Pacific Affairs, a recent PhD graduate from CHL

Dr Wesley emphasised that the College of Asia and the Pacific maintains the best teaching standards at the ANU, and congratulated all the award winners for setting and maintaining that high standard.

Congratulations to all the awardees. The following are citations for each of the CHL winners.

Award for Excellence in Language Teaching

  Dr Yoko Yonezawa is recognised for her expertise in teaching Japanese as a second language. The committee highly valued Yoko’s profound commitment to authentic student learning as evidenced by her own reflective practice, student feedback and referee accounts and the thoughtful embedding of her own research in linguistics and applied linguistics into her course delivery.  

Award for Excellence in Innovation

Dr Jane Ferguson is recognised for the excitement and allure of her innovative global aviation course, “Airlines in Asia and the Pacific: Histories, Technologies, Cultures and Geographies”. The committee highly valued her multidisciplinary approach, fusing humanities, social science, and STEM approaches, to teach her students to problematise human/machine relationships, global logistics, as well as airline work and consumer cultures in the Asia-Pacific region.  

Award for Excellence in Tutoring

Dr Rebecca Gidley is recognised for her excellence in tutoring first and second year courses in security studies. The committee highly valued Rebecca’s deep commitment to pastoral care as evidenced by her inclusive and reflective teaching practice, her commitment to creative design, and her fostering of a safe learning environment.

CAP Wattle Award

The CAP Wattle Award is a student driven award, awarded by CAP students to the Wattle Site that demonstrates excellence in creating and maintaining a course site that enhance the student learning experience.   This year there were two extremely close contenders with two very different courses and so the committee has chosen to award two 2017 CAP Wattle Awards and congratulates the teaching teams who have provided such stimulating sites.  

JPNS2013 Spoken Japanese Three • Teaching Team: Dr Yoko Yonezawa (convenor), Dr Yuko Kinoshita, Ms Emi Tepstra • Intermediate Japanese Language course offered by CHL

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