The Association of Linguistic Typology conference at the Coombs building

The Association of Linguistic Typology conference at the Coombs building

ANU hosts international linguistics conference

11th December 2017

This week over 300 people from 32 different countries will descend upon ANU for the 12th biennial meeting of the Association for Linguistic Typology.

Linguistic Typology is a sub-discipline of linguistics that is devoted to the systematic comparison of languages, in order to find out the limits of human languages, their complexity, history and the forces that move them.

The conference will feature several talks by several of our local talents here at ANU, such as the PhD students: Carlo Dalle Ceste, Eri Kashima, Yusuf Sawaki, Claudia Cialone, Kyla Quinn, Denise Angelo and Hedvig Skirgård. There will also be a public plenary on the effects of physical, biological, social and cultural environment on language variation and change given by Dan Dediu of the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics & Laboratories Dynamique du Langage.

The conference organisers will also be making use of the interdisciplinary ethos of the linguistics community at ANU by inviting a philosopher, a biologist and two linguists to a plenary debate on scientific comparison of traits in linguistics and elsewhere. The discussants are ANU-scholars Lindell Bromham from the Research School of Biology and Kim Sterelny from Philosophy as well as prominent linguists Greville Corbett from University of Surrey and sign language typology pioneer Ulrike Zeshan from Lancaster University.

The conference is being organised by the ARC Centre for the Dynamics of Language and the linguistics community at ANU (CASS and CAP).

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