Muhammad Kavesh

Muhammad Kavesh

Sessional Lecturer


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M: 0469812502
Room: 4135
Building: HC Coombs Building

Muhammad Kavesh has completed his PhD at the department of anthropology, School of Culture, History, and Language, Australian National University, Canberra. In his PhD project titled Beyond Cage and Leash: Human-animal Relations in Rural Pakistan he examined how human-animal relationships are conceived, developed, and carried out in South Punjab. He conducted a year-long ethnographic inquiry into human-animal relations through an examination of three types of activities: pigeon flying, cock fighting, and dog fighting. As a multispecies ethnography, his project illustrated diverse modalities of inter-species intimacy, the social worlds of the animal keepers, and their symbolic expectations from the animals. His findings suggested that these three animal activities are not unique and independent phenomena, but a lens through which one can understand different value systems and normative relations in rural Punjab.

Recent Publications

Narayan, K. & Kavesh, M. A. “Priceless Pursuits: Following Enthusiasm in North India and Pakistan,” South Asia: Journal of South Asian Studies (Vol 42, No. 4 - Aug 2019)

Kavesh, M. A. “Dog fighting: Performing Masculinity in Rural South Punjab, Pakistan,” (in publication process), Society and Animal, Journal of Human-Animal Studies, Brill

Kavesh, M. A. "From Passion of Kings to Pastimes of the People: Pigeon Flying, Cockfighting, and Dogfighting in South Asia,” Pakistan Journal of Historical Studies, Indiana University Press, USA (In publication process)

Kavesh, M. A. “From Colony to Post-Colony: Animal Baiting and Religious Festivals in South Punjab, Pakistan” in David W. Kim’s ed. “Colonial transformation and Asian Religions in Modern History”, CSP, Newcastle pp. 10-29. (2018)

Kavesh, M. A. Review of “Wrestlers, Pigeon Fanciers and Kite Flyers: Traditional Sports and Pastimes in Lahore.” A book by Frembgen, Jürgen Wasim and Paul Rollier. (2014) in South Asia: Journal of South Asian Studies February Vol 40, issue 1, pp. 202-203. (2017)

Kavesh, M. A. Review of “Under the Palace Wall.” A film by David MacDougall in The Asia and Pacific Journal of Anthropology, Vol 18, issue 3, pp. 277-279. (2017).

Kavesh, M. A. & Fijn, N. Multispecies Ethnography and the Anthropology of Life in the Age of the Anthropocene” in Animail, February 2017 Issue.

Recent Conference Papers

2017: “Cultivating the Self: the rhythms and delights of pigeon flying in Pakistan,” in Anthropological Society’s Conference (Shifting States), organised by Australian Anthropological Society (AAS), Association of Social Anthropologists of the UK and Commonwealth, and Association of Social Anthropologists of Aotearoa/New Zealand from 11-15 December in the University of Adelaide,

2017: “An Ideal Time: Understanding Shauq and Work in the Company of Pakistani Pigeon Flyers,” in “Time, Technologies, and the Anthropocene” - A workshop organized by the College of Asia and the Pacific, Australian National University, 11 September.

2016: “Passionate Selves: Human-Animal Intimacy in Pakistan,” Australian Anthropological Society (AAS) from 12-15 December in the University of Sydney.

2016: “Knowledge of the self and ‘others’,” in 21st Biennial Conference of Asian Studies Association of Australia (ASAA), 5-7 July.

2016: “Shrines and Politics: Corruption in the Rural Festivals of South Punjab, Pakistan,” in “Religious Transformation in Asian History” Canberra, 7-9 April.

2016: “Masculinity, Gender, & Animals: The seduction of Dogfighting and Cockfighting in South Punjab, Pakistan,” in "Beyond the Human: Feminism and the Animal Turn" University of Wollongong, 9-10 February.

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