Cholon 1670s to 1879 – from frontier settlement to early colonial city

Ho Chi Minh City is the biggest city in southern Vietnam. Histories of the city focus on District 1, or Saigon, from being a base for Vietnamese southward expansion, to a capital city of French Cochinchina and South Vietnam. The overwhelming bias towards Saigon assumes that, by having the longest history, it was representative of the greater metropolitan region. However, an equally old area existed alongside Saigon, following different historical developments. This is District 5, popularly known as Cholon.

Ways of Baloma: Rethinking Magic and Kinship from the Trobriands by Mark S. Mosko

All are welcome to the launch of Professor Mark S. Mosko's latest book.

Bronislaw Malinowski’s path-breaking research in the Trobriand Islands shaped much of modern anthropology’s disciplinary paradigm. Yet many conundrums remain. For example, Malinowski asserted that baloma spirits of the dead were responsible for procreation but had limited influence on their living descendants in magic and other matters, claims largely unchallenged by subsequent field investigators, until now.

Shape and size, their role in nominal classification systems and the hierarchy of sense modalities in tropical forests

Modern humans almost certainly evolved in open savannas, and most researchers now consider that language developed an early stage of dispersal. It would therefore be unsurprising if the sense modalities of languages co-evolved with survival strategies in such an environment. The dates for the first occupation of dense tropical forests is more controversial, but archaeology suggests that it was significantly later, certainly in the Amazon and probably in equatorial Africa and SE Asia.

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