British-Commonwealth Initiatives In International Medical Cooperation & The Second World War

Imperial administrations in the South Pacific shared limited medical resources in the island territories over the inter-war period. British operated institutions such as the Central Medical School, the Colonial War Memorial Hospital and the Makogai Leper Colony in Fiji functioned as medical centres providing European medical treatments and “scientific bio-medical” education for islanders to pursue careers in the Colonial Medical Service. For more effective and coherent control of medical resources, the West Pacific High

Rethinking Pollution Symposium: Environmental Politics, Public Health and Civil Society in Asia & the Pacific


Date & time

Monday 09 September 2019 to Wednesday 11 September 2019


Seminar Room 1.02 Sir Roland Wilson Building, 120 McCoy Circuit, Canberra ACT 2600


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Behind the legend: An historical archaeology of the buffalo shooting industry

Charlotte Feakins has her final PhD presentation on the topic of "Behind the legend: An historical archaeology of the buffalo shooting industry". The event is held in Seminar Room D in Coombs Building.

Nemasien: Mbwotegot Cosmology in Transition

This thesis explores the ways in which Oceanic Theology has influenced the Mbwotegot of south central Malekula in their recent adoption of Christianity, to contextualise the cultural knowledge that underpins socio-political regeneration and projection. The Mbwotegot-speaking peoples inhabit the rugged interior of south Malekula in Vanuatu, an area still without infrastructure such as roads, airstrips and permanent settlements. Due to the difficulties of their terrain, the Mbwotegot were largely ignored by administrators, planters and missionaries during the colonial era.

Until Hela Becomes a City: The Western Encounter with Huli Modernity

This thesis is an investigation into materialism as a crucial component of Huli thought. Previous ethnographic research undertaken among Huli since the 1950s has touched upon materialist aspects of Huli in various ways, but the ethnographic fieldwork that I undertook in 2016 convinced me that the existence of a distinct Huli materialist ontology presented a gap in our understandings of Huli culture and history. This thesis examines several different aspects of contemporary Huli life, and links them via a theory of Huli materialism.

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