Second language acquisition of interface properties: Case of Japanese wa and ga

This study investigates the second language (L2) acquisition of interface properties, with special focus on the Japanese particles wa and ga. The choice between wa, the topic marker, and ga, the nominative case marker, is under influence of semantic (e.g. Noda 1996, Masuoka 1987) and discourse (e.g. Kuno 1975) information; in other words, it is a multiple-interface property (Montrul 2011). Based on the vulnerability in L2 acquisition of interface properties reported in previous studies (e.g.

Poetry Book Launch - Norika Tanaka's Tanka Anthology DARKNESS-FIRE-SUTRA

The ANU Japan Institute cordially invites you to the Poetry Book Launch of Noriko Tanaka’s Tanka Anthology Darkness – Fire – Sutra introduced by Dr Carol Hayes, Associate Professor of Japanese Language and Studies, Australian National University followed by artists Savanhdary Vongpoothorn and Noriko Tanaka in conversation on their collaboration Footsteps to the Nigatsu-do

This poetry collection was born of the joint art installation project by visual-artist Savanhdary Vongpoothorn and poet-calligrapher Noriko Tanka.

Japanese empire and the politics of the marital family, 1919-1945 (Mid-term review seminar)

Alison Darby will present her mid term review seminar on "Japanese empire and the politics of the marital family, 1919-1945".

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