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Thursday 05 September 2019 to Saturday 07 September 2019



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Rumsey Symposium - Language and the anthropology of communication in Honour of Alan Rumsey

The ARC Centre Of Excellence For The Dynamics of Language presents a Symposium for the soon to be Emeritus Prof Alan Rumsey.

Invited speaker: Tony Woodbury, University of Texas Austin

The program is available to download here. (PDF)

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Burmese Literature Today

Burmese is the official language of Myanmar, which has a population of 54 million, where around 70% are mother-tongue speakers. Burmese is also the main lingua-franca in the country as well as in Burmese communities worldwide and has a long history of use in literary works and music.

The evolution of preverbal subject–indexing in Western Oceanic

Synchronically, subject markers in Oceanic languages are ambiguous in that, in many a language, they can function both as person-agreement markers and anaphoric pronouns (Siewierska 2004: 121–122). Evans (2008: 385) observes that fitting them in any of the typologically-defined categories of person-number markers remains problematic and that they are better analyzed “in terms of their degree of similarity to or difference from the agreement marker or free pronoun ends of the continuum”.

SYNAPSE CHL trans-disciplinary seminar: The Dynamics of Language Diversity

While the field of linguistics knows an increasing amount about the nature of linguistic diversity, we still have no more than a basic understanding of its causes. Why are there such radical differences, across the globe, in the distribution of linguistic diversity – whether measured in numbers of languages, of language families, or of typological variability? While many partial explanations have been proposed, at all levels from environmental (rainfall) to language practice (how ideologies of minor language

Special Screening Session - Paldang

There is a special screening of 'Paldang' and talk with Director Kauh Eun-Jin, for the students who take Advanced Korean: Film and Society (KORE 3015). However, the remaining places are available for those who are interested.

Description Paldang (팔당사람들) - directed by Kauh Eun-Jin (89 minutes, English subtitles)

How languages are taught: A special workshop on second language pedagogy

Do you teach a language? Are you in training to be a language teacher? Are you interested in seeing language teaching in action?

Join Dr. Cyndy Ning in this 2-day workshop for teachers of foreign languages.


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