Cholon 1670s to 1879 – from frontier settlement to early colonial city

Ho Chi Minh City is the biggest city in southern Vietnam. Histories of the city focus on District 1, or Saigon, from being a base for Vietnamese southward expansion, to a capital city of French Cochinchina and South Vietnam. The overwhelming bias towards Saigon assumes that, by having the longest history, it was representative of the greater metropolitan region. However, an equally old area existed alongside Saigon, following different historical developments. This is District 5, popularly known as Cholon.

Chinese Communist Party Historiography of the 1911 Revolution, 1935-1976

Mao Zedong ascended to a position within the CCP unparalleled before or since in part due to his ability to control the narration of history by creating and spreading a master narrative of history. Mao’s master narrative of history was the retelling of Chinese history by Mao that provided the foundation for Mao Zedong Thought and legitimised his power and policies.


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