Variation in Raga - a quantitative and qualitative study of the language of North Pentecost, Vanuatu.

Marie Duhamel, a Linguistics PhD Candidate speaks about Variation in Raga - a quantitative and qualitative study of the language of North Pentecost, Vanuatu.

Global diversity and what we can infer from local complexities: reporting on a sociolinguistic study of Raga, in central-north Vanuatu.

Fluid boundaries: Politicising rituals of purity in Ghana

In this presentation, Kirsty will analyse how flows of fluids and people shape each other in southern Ghana. They do so both literally and metaphorically, as landscapes and people are defined, sorted, contested, and manipulated in projects of inclusion, exclusion, and containment. In Akwamu understandings, water, as well as blood and alcohol, are attributed qualities of cleanliness and/or purity and, by extension, moral value. These ideas of purity and pollution, Kirsty suggests, are often generated and expressed in ritual.

Verbal Suppletion in Yelmek

When starting to work on a previously under-described language, one never knows what might come up. The hope of course always is, to find something fascinating that is at odds with the current literature. My PhD project is a grammatical description and documentation of the small, endangered language Yelmek, spoken in the south of Indonesian New Guinea. In this presentation, I will talk about what I consider Yelmek’s claim to fame.

Investigating environment and subsistence in New Guinea: faunal analysis of northern lowland coastal sites, PNG

This presentation outlines future research on the faunal assemblages from four sites from the Vanimo coast region of Papua New Guinea. Previous analyses of archaeological faunal assemblages from New Guinea sites have largely focused on the potential overlap of megafauna and humans in the Pleistocene, or have aimed to identify and date the initial introduction of pig (Sus scrofa). Studies that provide in-depth examinations of whole faunal assemblages are few, and none have been conducted for lowland coastal sites in mainland Papua New Guinea.

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