Cholon: profile of a port-town in French Cochin-China, 1879-1930

Cholon was an independent port-town with its own separate Municipality under French rule from 1879 until the early 1930s. Once the French amalgamated Cholon with Saigon, it has only survived as the colloquial name for districts 5 and 6 in Vietnam’s largest metropolitan area, now renamed Ho Chi Minh City.

Constructing a Female Hero: Memory, Representation, and Cultural Politics in Indonesia

How is a female hero constructed in Indonesia? This study traces the phenomenon of the national hero cults in Indonesia and looks at the process of how a historical figure transforms into a heroine with broader recognition at the national level. This incorporation of female hero characters in the heavily male-dominated nationalist narrative in Indonesia can be seen as an effort to improve the equality of representation of men and women in Indonesia’s historical narrative.

Visualising your thesis

The thesis can take many forms.

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Second language acquisition of interface properties: Case of Japanese wa and ga

This study investigates the second language (L2) acquisition of interface properties, with special focus on the Japanese particles wa and ga. The choice between wa, the topic marker, and ga, the nominative case marker, is under influence of semantic (e.g. Noda 1996, Masuoka 1987) and discourse (e.g. Kuno 1975) information; in other words, it is a multiple-interface property (Montrul 2011). Based on the vulnerability in L2 acquisition of interface properties reported in previous studies (e.g.

Role of Bonding Social Capital in the Post-Disaster Response and Recovery

This chapter investigates how bonding social capital contributes to the post-disaster response and recovery process of the Cyclone Aila affected households in Channirchak Village of Kamarkhola Union of Dacope Upazila and Dakshin Bedkashi Village of Dakshin Bedkashi Union of Koyra Upazila, Khulna District, Bangladesh. The findings of the chapter show that bonding social capital plays a significant role in evacuation and search and rescue.

A Golden Year: Four Seasons in Prospect Garden

Are you feeling sick from the notorious Canberra winter? Escape into the world of Prospect Garden, a fictional garden set in the 18th century Chinese classic The Story of the Stone [also known as Dream of the Red Chamber], where winter is spent in a warm room, composing linked-verse and riddles while eating roasted venison. Spring is when celebrations for flower deities take place and a time to bury the fallen blossoms while singing a melancholic song. Summer is when dream and reality merges into one—that play on the stage, was it about their story or ours?

Why do people become clerics of the Longhushan Daoist Complex? Situations, motivations and conditions.

My thesis is a study of the clerics of the Longhushan Daoist Complex (LDC) in Jiangxi Province, in the present, based on a year’s fieldwork carried out in 2016.

Pursuing the Chinese Dream: Arab entrepreneurs in East China

This is the Final submission presentation of Meizhen Wen on the topic of "Pursuing the Chinese Dream: Arab entrepreneurs in East China". 11am, 26 July 2019 - CIW Seminar Room.


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