Historical research on Chinese in Vietnam


1 English language editor's Introduction [42 kB, PDF]
2 本期論文一覽 [132 kB, PDF]
"Chinese" and "Vietnamese" in "Vietnam": A Symposium on Origins
3 John D. Phan
Re-Imagining “Annam”: A New Analysis of Sino–Viet–Muong Linguistic Contact [607 kB, PDF]


25 Michael Churchman
Before “Chinese” and “Vietnamese” in the Red River Plain: The Han–Tang Period [236 kB, PDF]


38 John K. Whitmore
Brush and Ship: The Southern Chinese Diaspora and Literati in Ðại Việt during the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries [71 kB, PDF]


Research Articles
42 Nola Cooke
The Heaven and Earth Society Upsurge in Early 1880s French Cochinchina [480 kB, PDF]


74 Claudine Salmon and Tạ Trọng Hiệp
蘇爾夢 & 謝重協
Wang Annan riji: A Hokkien Literatus Visits Saigon (1890) [403 kB, PDF]


89 A Photo Gallery of Chinese Life in Saigon–Chợ Lớn, c. 1890s–1900s, from Old Colonial Post Cards [979 kB, PDF]


93 Thomas Engelbert
Chinese Politics in Colonial Saigon (1919–1936): The Case of the Guomindang [287 kB, PDF]


117 Shiu Wentang
A Preliminary Inquiry into the Wartime Material Losses of Chinese in Vietnam, 1941–1947 [253 kB, PDF]


Research Notes and Documents
129 David G. Marr
Vietnamese, Chinese, and Overseas Chinese during the Chinese Occupation of Northern Indochina (1945–1946) [151 kB, PDF]


140 Mei-fen Kuo and Tsebin Tchen
郭美芬 & 陳之彬
Introducing the “Chinese Australian History Collections Online” [632 kB, PDF]


150 Nola Cooke & Li Tana
諾拉•庫克 & 李塔娜
An Early 1882 Heaven and Earth Society Letter from Cambodia [69 kB, PDF]


153 Li Tana
The Tomb Inscription of Tjia Mah Yen, a Hokkien Businessman of French Cochinchina [40 kB, PDF]


Newsletter of the Centre for the Study of the Chinese Southern Diaspora
154 News from the csds[72 kB, PDF]


研究論文 (中英文提要) Abstracts of the Research Articles
156 The English articles (in Chinese) 英文論文之中文提要 [211 kB, PDF]
161 The Chinese articles (in English) [75 kB, PDF] 中文論文之英文提要
研究論文: New Research in Chinese
163 許文堂
Shiu Wentang
越南民間信仰---白馬大王神話 [512 kB, PDF]

A Vietnamese Folk Religion: The Worship of Bạch Mã (White Horse)

176 李慶新
Li Qingxin
鄚玖與河仙政權(港口國) [604 kB, PDF]

Mạc Cưu and the Hà Tiên Regime (Cancao)

189 李塔娜
Li Tana
尋找法屬越南南方的華人米商 [237 kB, PDF]

In Search of Chinese Rice Merchants in French Cochinchina

研究筆記: Research Notes and Documents
202 黄宗鼎
Huang Chung-ting
1945-70年代初南越華人之政治景況 [427 kB, PDF]

The KMT Archives: New Light on the Political Situation of Chinese in South Vietnam, 1945 to Early 1970s

215 郭美芬
Mei-fen Kuo
整編澳洲雪梨及墨爾本華裔政治歷史檔案: 我的拾荒術 [193 kB, PDF]

The KMT Historical Archives in Sydney and Melbourne (1910s–1960s): A Research Note of a Historian’s (and Rag-picker’s) Craft

223 吳增 謝君壽山墓表 [151 kB, PDF]

Tomb Inscription of Xie Shoushan (Tjia Mah Yen)

225 法国殖民政府1882年所查获柬埔寨华人秘密会党书信一封 [88 kB, PDF]

An Early 1882 Heaven and Earth Society Letter from Cambodia

Book Review
226 羅燚英
Luo Yanying
重構水上疆域的歷史《水上疆域:1750—1880年湄公河下游地區的商業與華人》 [156 kB, PDF]

Reconstructing the History of the Water Frontier: On Water Frontier, Commerce and the Chinese in the Lower Mekong Region, 1750-1880

Cover art by Ren Zhimin. It is a collage of early colonial postcards depicting Chinese life in Saigon–Chợ Lớn, courtesy of Mr Nguyen Tan Loc, and an excerpt from the genealogy of Cheung Ah Lum, an important Cantonese businessmen of the early colonial era better known from his business chop as Wang Tai.

CSDS is edited by Nola Cooke (English) and Li Tana (Chinese). It is published by the Centre for the Study of the Chinese Southern Diaspora in the ANU College of Asia & the Pacific.

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