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6th March 2020

Are you an academic and/or a researcher, and want to be updated on some key grant application opportunities?

Here, we showcase two such great opportunities: the Asia Pacific Innovation Program (APIP) 2020 and the New ARC Special Research Initiative (SRI) for Australian Society, History and Culture Funding.

ARC Special Research Initiative (SRI) for Australian Society, History and Culture Funding

Supporting excellent research and strengthening research capacity in Australian society, history and culture—this is the fundamental vision of the Special Research Initiative for Australian Society, History and Culture grant.

This grant provides an opportunity to researchers delving into all aspects of Australian society, history and culture, from ancient Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander beginnings to modern-day Australia. Research can be in a range of diverse areas of Australian life including community, institutions, literature, art, music, philosophy, language, media, politics and geography.

Research funded through this grant is intended to provide a greater understanding about modern Australia, including its origins and the events that have shaped it. The grant will fund up to a total of $12 million for up to three years, and will be available to support research grants with funding between $20,000 and $100,000 per year.

From CHL’s perspective, the themes covered by this grant—languages, culture, community, media, history and more— couldn’t be more apt. Please do tap the immense potential this grant presents for your research vision and goals.

Here are the key dates to note:

• Release of Grant Guidelines: 27 February 2020

• Applications Open: 28 February 2020

• Request Not to Assess Close: 8 April 2020

• Applications Close: 22 April 2020

• Rejoinders: 4 June 2020 to 18 June 2020

Anticipated announcement: Third Quarter 2020

For guidelines, click here.

Asia Pacific Innovation Program (APIP) 2020

The APIP grants are for CAP researchers and are designed to support research that:

• is of strategic relevance and benefit to the college;

• is innovative;

• has the potential to lead to further funding;

• supports and mentors Early Career Researchers;

• has the potential to develop new networks outside CAP and the ANU;

• and showcases and disseminates the CAP’s research achievements.

There are four APIP scheme categories. Category 1 is NOW OPEN.

Categories 2 and 3:

• Round 1 open 1st April close 22nd April

• Round 2 open 26th August close 16th September

Category 4: open 26th August close 16th September

For more information, click here.

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