Dr Eva Nisa awarded DECRA 2020

25th November 2020

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Congratulations to Eva Nisa for her success in winning the only DECRA awarded this year to a cultural/social anthropologist, for her brilliant research project, Standardizing Halal. Her ARC DECRA grant is ranked 6th in relation to its contribution to ANU's Research Income.

Standardising Halal: interpreting the tension between global and local aims to advance understanding of how halal standardisation has been reimagined in the context of global Muslim cultural diversity. It investigates the halal cultural economy—finance, food, travel, fashion, media, and cosmetics—in Malaysia and Indonesia.

Using innovative interdisciplinary approaches, in particular anthropology and Islamic textual analysis, this project expects to generate a new level of understanding of halal industries. Expected outcomes include identifying major players and unpacking local cultural responses to the global move to homogenise halal practices.

Australia is the world’s second-largest halal food exporter: this research should benefit its businesses’ expansion into contemporary halal industries.

On receiving the DECRA, Eva expressed, “After waiting anxiously for the results, I am very thrilled to hear the grant outcomes. Winning this DECRA is a testament that I have been surrounded by amazing mentors and supportive colleagues. I am forever grateful, honoured and humbled for this, given that I just joined ANU one year ago. I am so much looking forward to conducting this research. My research interest in Islamic cultural economy, halal (lawful according to Islamic law) lifestyle and halal industry emerged early in my career, and I am very excited to expand it to cover halal e-commerce from varied sectors—Islamic finance, food, travel, modest fashion, entertainment and literature, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical— halal start-ups and the growing presence of tech-savvy Muslim consumers.”

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