Fieldwork Showcase: Three Hummock Island (lutruwita/Tasmania)

19th April 2021

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Professor Simon Haberle and his team just completed an amazing week with the Working on Country rangers Jarrod, Colin and Roy and wildlife management specialists Matt, Iona and Ray on Three Hummock Island (lutruwita/Tasmania), building a long-term record of fire, climate and sea level change on island ecosystems. Here’s a special visual glimpse into their experience onsite!

Simon fieldwork 1

Discussing charcoal preserved in sediments as an archive of past fires and cultural burning with Working on Country ranger Jarrod Edwards

Simon fieldwork 2

Simon fieldwork 2a

It is critical that we recognise the importance of cultural burning not only in the past, but now, and into the future in a time of climate change.

Simon fieldwork 3

Simon fieldwork 5

Simon fieldwork 6

Simon fieldwork 8

Simon fieldwork 9

Simon fieldwork 10

Fieldwork snapshots of the amazing landscape of Three Hummock Island - Hunter Group, NW lutruwita/Tasmania

Simon fieldwork 6a

The lichens responsible for the orange hue on the granite rocks belong to the family Hymeneliaceae

Simon fieldwork 7

Mutton bird rookeries (yula/Short-tailed Shearwater - Puffinus tenuirostris) are extensive around the coast of Three Hummock Island—a species under threat from marine pollution, introduced pests (cats) and climate change

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