Making your way to Korea

3rd November 2021

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By Vivien Deng

안녕하세요 ANU 학생 여러분! Hello to ANU students!

This semester, the KOZA: Korea Australia Alliance team decided to host Careers Night over Zoom to introduce students to diverse professional opportunities related to Australia-Korea relations beyond the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT). Luckily, we managed to invite field experts from media, business and international relations in both Korea and Australia. Now I’d like to share my journey to the Careers Night as KOZA event coordinator.

As KOZA is a small club and this was our first time organizing this kind of event, I was mostly worried about logistics, interest and participation. Despite contacting prospective guests well in advance, we could not finalise the guest list until two weeks before the event. We had no idea as to who would be interested in our event or how many people would participate, so all of our preparation was based on optimistic 'guesstimations.' When the list was finalised, we made sure to keep the guests involved in the process so they were informed and comfortable, which I believe was essential to solidifying KOZA's connections with its contacts. As for moderating the event, I tried to cover their personal experiences, the culture of their respective industries as well as the broader Australia-South Korea relations. Even though I had prepared questions in advance, moderating wasn't easy, as we found out that a new guest was joining us only 10 minutes before the event was due to start.

KOZA1Guest speaker: Chris Hambarsoomian, CPA, Tiktok Content Creator and On-Air TV Personality

KOZA2Guest Speaker: Executive Director Rowan Petz from Australian Chamber of Commerce Korea

Nevertheless, Career Night was a huge success. We had an astonishing turnout, the event ran really smoothly and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. The participants themselves ranged from undergraduates to professionals from Australia, Korea and beyond. KOZA received incredible support from our guests and their partners throughout the entire process, who offered plenty of valuable advice and were very keen on connecting with the participants on the night.

KOZA3Guest speaker: Andy Trieu, SBS TV Producer, former SBS PopAsia host & Content Creator

Personally, it was thrilling to connect passionate students with equally passionate and experienced professionals. Through this event, I discovered that there are so many people beyond our ANU bubble deeply interested in Australia-Korea. More importantly, I learnt that there are so many supportive professionals who are very happy to engage, and that all it takes is the initiative to reach out to them. After all, the worst answer you can get is No (and most likely, a polite one). This experience has not only inspired me to create more opportunities like this for the community in the future, but also to build on the strong foundations to continue KOZA's vision of fostering Korea-Australia relations through language and culture.

I sincerely thank everyone who joined us at Career Night, our guests and official promotional partners AustCham Korea, Asia Options and the team and most of all, Christina Lee and Eli Milton for creating this amazing community called KOZA.

KOZA will return to ANU in 2022, so stay tuned to the KOZA Facebook group by simply typing KOZA and Instagram @koza_cbr.

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