Congratulations, CHL Grads!

14th July 2022

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Every July and December, we as a community get the chance to watch achievers from diverse walks of life shine in their special moment, carrying their dreams, aspirations, goals and their ANU legacy forward in preparation for their journey onward.

Today is a special day. It's mid-year graduation day at the College of Asia & the Pacific (CAP), and we have 25 students graduating from CHL, across our UG, PG and HDR programs. And considering the circumstances of the past two+ years, what's most exciting today is that graduations will finally again be celebrated on campus!

Our inspirational graduates of July 2022 are all brilliant for having withstood the tests of recent times and coming out winners, despite all the odds.

CHL Grads of July 2022


Tessie Sun (Bachelor of Asian Studies) Justen Tran (Bachelor of Asian Studies) Kayla Hurley (Bachelor of Asian Studies) Destiny Jung Harding (Bachelor of Asian Studies) Max Barney Woolf (Bachelor of Asian Studies) Andre Kwok (Bachelor of Asian Studies)

PhB (Undergraduates)

Ingrid May Lennon (Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours)) Oliver Lilford (Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours)) Kai Clark (Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours))


Xuan Liu (Master of Asian Pacific Studies Adv.) Sze Hang Lau (Master of Asian Studies)


Spencer Haines

Defying the Nomadic versus Sedentary Dichotomy: The Rise and Fall of Zunghar Self-Strengthening Campaigns in Central Eurasia (17th-18th Centuries)

Lina Koleilat

Social Movement as a Lived Theology of Social Justice: Catholic Prophetic Activism in Contemporary South Korea

Billy O Foghlu

Mounds of the North: Discerning the nature of Earth Mounds in North Australia

Anthea Snowsill

A Tomato of the Floating World: Assembling Inle Lake's Cultural Ecology

Matthew Adeleye

Palaeoecology of southeast Australian ecosystems, with a focus on the Bass Strait area: Implications for ecosystem management

Bianca Hennessy

The Possibilities of Decolonial Pacific Studies: Learning from an Oceanic Genealogy of Transformative Academic Practice

Qin Yang

Visual forms of canonical interpretation in Song China (960–1279)

Congratulations also to the following PhD graduates who have already been awarded their degrees, but did not have the opportunity previously to attend a graduation ceremony:

Tina Gregor

A documentation and description of Yelmek

Alexandra Marley

Kundangkudjikaberrk: Language variation and change in Bininj Kunwok, a Gunwinyguan language of Northern Australia

We celebrate each and every one today, and although it is impossible to showcase every student, we also share here two student stories that represent the diversity and depth of learning and research they were able to achieve while at CHL:

Bianca Hennessy

Alexandra Marley

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