Ready. Steady. Immerse.

24th November 2022

It’s free, fun and festive. It’s a multicultural festival with a difference. Presenting 2022 IMMERSIA: Engaging the Pacific and Asia, a culturally immersive and informative celebration of diversity, inclusion, tradition and heritage of the Asia-Pacific region.

The Genesis

Both the ANU College of Asia and the Pacific and the ANU School of Culture, History & Language (CHL) represent a unique kind of diversity and multicultural knowledge system. This has traditionally been showcased in smaller flagship events and initiatives.

In 2019, CHL launched its signature, flagship program, designed to bring together the wide range of disciplinary and area expertise at the School.

The vision was to tackle some of the key issues we see as critical in our strategic plan:

Leading the way for engagement with Asia and the Pacific

Transforming our understanding of the lifeways of people and populations in our region

Future proofing the nation by serving as a partner and essential resource for all who focus on Asia and the Pacific

This year, our extended vision on the CHL Flagship Program, which showcases our research excellence, was to broaden its reach via a creative, interactive platform. How could we showcase our subject knowledge and research expertise on a wider platform? How could we better represent our approach to diversity of language, cuisine, art and craft? What was the best way to communicate to a wider audience our commitment to social inclusion, student wellbeing and community engagement?

The search for answers to such questions led to the genesis of a multicultural perspectives festival, which would bring all our amazing diverse cultural approaches together in a cohesive, vibrant and collective cultural experience!

Milestones and the Spirit of Community

Immersia is, therefore, all about cultural immersion for that real-time experience of all the cultural and research diversity we represent. This first-time initiative that will see its pilot launch from 1–3 December 2022.


We look forward to collectively engaging our research and student community and strengthening collaboration and knowledge sharing across the university and beyond. A celebration of this nature is particularly fitting this year, as it marks many milestones—including 50 years of Hindi teaching at ANU and 50 years of diplomacy between Mongolia and Australia.

A Cultural Potpourri

From music, dance, art and craft to documentary screenings, photography exhibitions and book launches, there’s something at Immersia to suit everyone.

Get set for some real-time cultural immersion, with the lowdown on the art and history of attar (perfume) in North India, exploring the culture and connotations of fragrance; you can also sign up for a perfume-making workshop afterwards! What’s more, adding to this celebration of Indian culture will be some creative and beautiful henna artistry for both adults and children, an Indian artist’s installation works and Indian classical music.


If you’ve been toying with the idea of learning a language, come and sample some of our amazing languages with our language taster sessions that'll teach you some key expressions in various Asian and Pacific languages; plus, watch out for our signature traditional dress showcase with a difference: get to know about the cultural, historical and social nuances of traditional attire from around the Asia-Pacific region.


You can also explore the culture of Mongolia with a visit to a traditional ger and experience the Mongolian landscape and way of life through anthropologist Dr Natasha Fijn's lens at our gallery spaces! On exhibition as well are installations from an Indian artist,


And to round it off, join ANU astrophysicist Professor Brad Tucker for some ethereal stargazing at the Fellows Oval. Did you know that in 2018, a national stargazing event held here secured two Guinness World Records for Australia?


Access our program of events to see what's in store and join us next week for three fun-filled days with your colleagues, friends and family!

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