This project explores unique features of spoken conversation in Korean and Japanese. So far, the focus has been on the Japanese discourse, and published several articles which include ‘The role of the overt expression of first and second person subject in Japanese’ (with Yonezawa), Journal of Pragmatics 40 (2008), ‘Involvement and the Japanese interactive particles ne and yo’, Journal of Pragmatics 39 (2007), and ‘The function of the zero particle with special reference to spoken Japanese’, Journal of Pragmatics 34 (2002).

Currently, the project focuses on the so-called sentence-final particles yo and sa in Japanese, with a reference to their connection with the implicature. Another main focus of the project is on Korean spoken discourse, which aims at exploring the interface between cognition and interaction in the language. Based on an analysis of the authentic conversation data, a variety of linguistic phenomena and strategies will be discussed.

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