Ku Waru, Kaluli and Duna

Language Acquisition and Intersubjectivity

Aspects of the grammar of self-alienation in Ku Waru (pdf, 72KB) Alan Rumsey. Handout for talk given at the Australian Linguistic Society Conference, December 2011

Flexibles and Polyvalence in Ku Waru: A Developmental Perspective (pdf, 288KB) Francesca Merlan and Alan Rumsey. To appear in Vapnarsky, V. and Veneziano, E. (eds) Lexical Polycategoriality Cross-linguistic, Cross-Theoretical and Language Acquisition Approaches - Under review.

Person and Modality in Ku Waru Children's Verb Acquisition (pdf, 336KB) Alan Rumsey and Francesca Merlan. Handout for talk given at ANU, May, 2010

Intentionality and the 'opacity of other minds': perspectives from Highland New Guinea and beyond (217KB PDF) Alan Rumsey. To appear in Language and Communication

The acquisition of ergative marking in Kaluli, Ku Waru and Duna (Trans New Guinea) (pdf, 942KB) Alan Rumsey, Lila San Roque and Bambi B. Schieffelin. To appear in Stoll, S. and & Bavin, E. (eds.) The Acquisition of Ergative Structures - Under review.

Audio resources

Pronunciation of the Ku Waru word glaku in isolation, as discussed in Rumsey 2007:240-41. (wav, 19KB)

Pronunciation of the Ku Waru phrase glaku tekir, as discussed in Rumsey 2007:240-42. (wav, 56KB)

First 70 lines of tom yaya kange by Kopia Noma, as discussed in Rumsey 2001:205-11, 228-39; 2005: 47-51; 2006:239-44; 2007:8-9 and Rumsey forthcoming, pp. 6-14. (mp3, 2050KB)

First 16 lines of tom yaya kange by Paulus Konts, as discussed in Rumsey 2001:211-14, 2005:52-3, 60-1; 2006:324-28, 2007:7-16 and Rumsey forthcoming, pp. 6-13. (mp3, 377KB)

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