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Anthropology ranked #8 globally and #1 in Australia

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Tok Pisin: the world's first Melanesian creole program offered entirely online

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Archaeology: Ranked #8 globally

CHL is the hub of specialised and thorough Australian knowledge on the Asia-Pacific Region within the College of Asia & the Pacific at ANU.

The College is unique in transdisciplinary and interregional foundation, and CHL exemplifies this outlook.

Our School’s departments bring together more than 100 academics dedicated to investigating and learning with and about the people, languages and lands of the Asia and Pacific region. 

We embrace diversity as a core strength. This diversity enables us to foster an environment that supports innovative and influential teaching and research. 

The study and teaching of Asian and Pacific languages at CHL is unsurpassed in its diversity in Australia and is held as a core value of our School.

Our language experts operate at the forefront of language learning and research, with innovative, online courses designed to complement in-person programs. 

Our research is organised around the themes of culture, history, language and environment, which include a range of versatile disciplinary themes and areas of study.


Area Studies

Explore our subject matter expertise and focus areas of teaching in more detail.



CHL Anthropology is a world leader in the social anthropology of Asia and the Pacific. We have a distinguished program of research, publication and postgraduate training.

CHL Archaeology

Archaeology and Natural History

Our research aims to understand past human societies, the environments in which they developed, and the environmental consequences of human presence.


Gender, Media and Cultural Studies

We bring together diverse disciplines, methodologies and approaches to improve knowledge and understanding of the social dynamics in the regions of Asia and the Pacific.

CHL Pacific and Asian History

Pacific and Asian History

We are among one of the largest communities of Pacific experts and historians of Asia itself, with a vibrant culture of research, writing, supervision, teaching and engagement in public affairs.

CHL Languages


Our School's deep knowledge and expertise in the languages of the Asia-Pacific region is an essential pillar in the expertise and excellence of the College. We boast signature, less commonly taught languages, some of which are exclusively taught here across the entire Southern Hemisphere.



We document and describe the languages of the Asia-Pacific region drawing on speech communities fieldwork, as well as producing grammars, dictionaries and collections of recorded textual materials.

CHL Spaces

CHL has unique and state-of-the-art facilities that will not only support but enhance your learning and research experience.

Check out our culturally rich and diverse headquarters fitted with thematic regional rooms and cultural hubs, tour our archaeology and natural history labs, or take a glimpse at our green rooms and media studio.

The infrastructure we provide will facilitate your study, no matter what your interest or discipline area may be.


Philanthropy and Endowments

If you’ve had the good fortune to be a part of ANU, you’ll know that our strength lies in our sense of community and collaboration. Real change requires a community of people with indisputable belief that they can achieve something extraordinary together. You can be integral to the stories we rewrite. Help us truly shape our nation and stake your place in the future of our world.