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#6 in the world in the QS Rankings

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#1 in Australia in the QS World Rankings

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Research leader on South, East & Southeast Asia and Oceania

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Strong emphasis on long-term ethnographic fieldwork

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One of the largest communities of experts anywhere

Professor Assa Doron

Professor Assa Doron

Matt Tomlinson

Professor Matt Tomlinson

Tanya Jakimow

Associate Professor Tanya Jakimow

Dr Jane Ferguson

Associate Professor Jane Ferguson

Dr Eva Nisa

Senior Lecturer Eva F Nisa

Dr Tom Cliff

Dr Tom Cliff

Dr Fijn

Future Fellow, Dr Natasha Fijn


ARC DECRA Fellow (from June 2023) Dr Muhammad Kavesh

Alan Rumsey

Emeritus Professor Alan Rumsey

Em Prof Kirin Narayan

Emeritus Professor Kirin Narayan (India)

Ken George

Emeritus Professor Ken George

Kathryn Robinson

Emeritus Professor Kathryn Robinson

Prof Mark Mosko CHL

Professor Mark Mosko

Andrew McWilliam

Professor Andrew McWilliam (Indonesia)

Professor Kalpana Ram

Professor Kalpana Ram

Justine Chambers

Dr Justine Chambers (Burma)

CHL anthro

Dr Thiruppugazh Venkatachalam

Anthea Snowsill

Dr Anthea Snowsill

Anthropology is the study of human diversity. 

It brings rich insights to the most critical questions of our time. The kind of knowledge that anthropology teaches is invaluable, especially in the turbulent, volatile and globalised world in which we live today.

As a field of study, it is uniquely placed to interpret the widest range of social phenomena — from migration to religious fundamentalism, online communities, social movements, contemporary indigenous cultural expression and identity politics, consumption and commodification, and the changing forms of social identity.

Ranked number 6 in the world for anthropological study and research, ANU is Australia’s centre for research and training in this versatile and relevant discipline. We prepare our students to address key global issues and build better understandings of different people and different cultures, gaining insights into the complex processes facing all of humanity such as migration, globalisation and climate change.

Dr Natasha Fijn's documentary on Mongolian herds


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ANU Anthropology Cross-campus Seminar Series

CHL Anthropology co-hosts public seminars with our colleagues in the College of Arts and Social Sciences. Come join us on Monday afternoons during the regular semester teaching periods!

Monographs Anthro CHL

Monographs in Anthropology

Monographs in Anthropology is an Open Access series with ANU Press. Our titles join theory and ethnography with a sharp focus on societies in Asia and Oceania.


The Asia Pacific Journal of Anthropology (TAPJA)

The Asia Pacific Journal of Anthropology publishes social and cultural anthropological research with a focus on the Asia Pacific region, including Australia.