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In 2019, the School of Culture History & Language at ANU launched its flagship program, designed to bring together the School’s wide-ranging multidisciplinary expertise to tackle key issues we see as critical in today’s times: 

•    Leading the way for engagement with Asia and the Pacific  

•    Transforming our understanding of the lifeways of people and populations in our region

•    Help future-proof the nation by serving as a partner and essential resource for all who focus on Asia and the Pacific.  

Since its inception, the CHL flagship program maps on to these three strategic goals and aims to not only bring some of the best minds to ANU to contribute, but also provide momentum within the School to collaborate and initiate new projects into the future. They showcase the innovative and approaches we are exploring, be it in the field of language learning, transdisciplinary research, decolonising the academy or the challenges of the Anthropocene.


Immersia 2022: A Novel Multicultural Festival

Immersia 2022 was a first-time initiative that saw its pilot launch in December 2022.

This campus-wide, three-day multicultural perspectives festival served as a cohesive platform bringing together all of CHL's flagship events and many more events and activities from across ANU. It brought together our versatile and multidisciplinary facets into a collective, fun and educationally rich celebration.

The vision that led to the genesis of this concept was to bring together our research and student community and strengthen collaboration and knowledge sharing across the university and beyond.

We look forward to hosting Immersia annually going forward, so watch this space for more on this continued journey of immersive cultural learning, fun, food and festivity!