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Modern China Studies 

Chinese civilisation provided the foundations for what has become Modern East Asia. With China on the verge of becoming a world power again, Australia seeks to redefine its relationship with China and its role in the region. Chinese Studies at ANU allows students to engage both broadly and deeply with China’s past and present.

The study of China has been a key component of the original vision of ANU. During the 1990s and 2000s, the ANU continued to build its reputation for housing some of the world’s most eminent Sinologists, including Geremie Barmé, John Makeham and John Minford to name a few.


Modern Chinese studies at CHL encompasses everything from history and politics to media, calligraphy, the arts and popular culture, as well as language. Our Modern Chinese language program is designed for students from beginner to advanced level. Our aim is for students to become confident enough to handle translating and interpreting tasks. We have a very experienced team of professional language teachers, many of whom won teaching awards from the college and at university level, and are active in research about China or in Chinese language education.

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