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Pacific and Oceania Studies 

The ANU has a long tradition of intensive engagement with the Pacific and Oceania region. Since its inception in 1946, the Research School of Pacific Studies, now the ANU College of Asia and the Pacific (CAP), has been the leading centre for Pacific Studies in Australia.

CAP offers the only Bachelor of Pacific Studies degree in Australia. This three-year program affords students the opportunity to strengthen their understanding of the Pacific Islands by pursuing a diverse program of study. The ANU also offers a major in Pacific Languages for undergraduate students pursuing a Bachelor of Asia-Pacific Studies or a Bachelor of Asian Studies.

Moreover, we are the only university in Australia that offers Tetum, providing a program with a specialised and flexible approach. We also offer the first Tok Pisin program worldwide to be offered entirely online. The programs are fully online, offering a supportive and interactive learning environment in which students can communicate and practise with the teacher and their peers. A wide range of written and multimedia materials supports students’ learning activities.

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