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We believe in creating a transformative educational experience focused on cultural immersion, intellectual and personal wellness, deep multidisciplinary knowledge; and real-world problem solving.

Our academics and teachers from diverse walks of life serve as a hub of Australian knowledge and expertise on the Asia and Pacific region. They promote a learning culture defined by advanced scholarly discussion and inquiry, creative thinking, and entrepreneurship.

From Anthropology and Pacific Studies to Asian Studies and less commonly taught languages, CHL's culturally and historically rich portfolio has something for everyone.

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Award-winning teaching

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Anthropology ranked #8 globally and #1 in Australia

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Expertise in 16 Asian and Pacific languages


Tok Pisin: the world's first Melanesian creole program offered entirely online

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Archaeology: Ranked #8 globally

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CHL: An essential cog of the College of Asia & the Pacific

CHL is one of the four constituent schools that make up the ANU College of Asia & the Pacific (CAP). With more than 100 academic and professional staff, a large cohort of distinguished professors emeriti and researchers, over 100 higher degree researchers and postgraduate students, and scores of academic visitors and affiliates, the School is a key arena of humanistic enquiry, including the study of languages within the College.

As such, we think of ourselves as a significant pillar for CAP, anchoring it in the study of the cultures, histories, environments and languages of the Asia and Pacific regions.

CHL About

As a community, we at CHL take pride in our dedication to collaborative, interdisciplinary learning and teaching. We believe in the real-time contextualisation and application of subject matter, be it in the past, present or future.

Our researchers investigate and learn with and about the people, languages, and lands of Asia and the Pacific. In doing so, we create knowledge that is specialised, critical, engaged with current discourses and debates within the many disciplines incorporated into our structure. 

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CHL has the best and broadest Asian and Pacific language instruction in Australia. The disciplines of Anthropology, Archaeology, History and Languages are ranked as the best in Australia and within the top global rankings tables.

Research Expertise and Initiatives

Unique in the world, the school's departments bring together over 100 academics dedicated to investigating and learning with and about the people, languages, and land of Asia and the Pacific region. Their work, conducted in collaboration with partners throughout the world and the region, contributes uniquely Australian perspectives and insights.

Learn about our disciplines, themes, and key research projects and initiatives. 

In Focus: Our Annual Showcase of Research Excellence

CHL's In Focus is the School's annual showcase of research, engagement, initiatives and impact.