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Master of Asian and Pacific Studies

Are you curious about your place in a dynamic region? The Master of Asian and Pacific Studies (2 years full-time, or part-time equivalent) immerses you in a nuanced understanding of national and transnational developments regarding people, technologies, languages and ideas.

The program allows you to develop in-depth knowledge by specialising in particular Asian and Pacific regions, disciplines, or thematic areas such as politics and international affairs, history and culture, the environment, gender, or translation.

The ANU College of Asia and the Pacific has the largest concentration of Asia-Pacific researchers and scholars outside of Asia. We teach the broadest range of Asian and Pacific languages and are recognised as a world leader in teaching and research on the region.

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Master of Engaging Asia

The Master of Engaging Asia (1.5 years full-time, or part-time equivalent) immerses students in Asian studies with the goal of fostering engaged, global citizenship. The program takes a pragmatic, professional focus to position you to build deep, engaged and effective relationships with Asia in a changing world.

You will gain multidisciplinary perspectives designed to build a flexible skill set for professional advancement that allows you to approach key challenges in the region with rigour, empathy, and nuance.

Graduate Certificate Program

The Graduate Certificate of Studies is a flexible option for graduate studies at ANU, for students whose needs are not met by following a program of study in a single academic discipline.

Subject to meeting course entry requirements, you will be able to select courses from across the graduate course offerings available, allowing you to structure your studies and direct your learning in a way that meets your academic, personal and professional interests and enables you to develop skills and expertise in a range of learning areas, for example, a combination of courses that facilitate your learning and specialisation in Asian and Pacific studies.

CHL GCEP Program

Graduate Certificate in Engaging the Pacific

This program utilises critical approaches from interdisciplinary perspectives that are inclusive and supportive of indigenous Pacific voices, knowledges and methods.


Graduate Certificate in Engaging Asia

This graduate certificate builds intercultural leadership skills through multidimensional perspectives on key challenges facing Asia and our region, such as inequality, social upheaval, political transformation and environmental crisis.

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