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CHL Anthro 2

Award-winning teaching


Flexible, imaginative tools to explore themes


Unique, interdisciplinary study

Focus on documentary, oral, and visual materials

Focus on documentary, oral, and visual materials

analytical, practice-based, and creative approaches

Analytical, diverse, and creative approaches

Gender, Media and Cultural Studies is the exciting crossroads for innovative work.

We’re the place where media and politics intersect, where the arts meet policy, where literature and ethnography shape creative practice.

Researchers in our area break new ground through experimental methodologies and transdisciplinary thinking.

Through our GMCS Makerspace, we promote hands-on research and convivial collaboration.

What is the power of culture, media and gender in everyday life? Can popular culture change a society in ways that political leaders cannot? When global capitalism and climate change wreak havoc on the environment, what happens to peoples and their cultures?

We engage with the most significant questions of everyday life in Asia and the Pacific through critical thinking, hands-on work, and creative approaches. Students in our Asian and Pacific Culture, Media and Gender major learn how to apply the tools of the humanities and social sciences to promote social justice and real-world impact.

What's behind yoga's growing appeal? Dr Shameem Black's shares insightful perspectives....


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Dinner Ladies

Dinner Ladies Save the World

Join Prof Sharon Friel and senior female academics in this uplifting podcast celebrating amazing women with incredible minds discussing how to solve the World’s problems. Easy! Each episode features the Dinner Ladies chatting over ‘virtual’ dinner about Covid-19 in the context of politics, inequality, ethics, civil liberty, climate change and more...

Oceania Working Party

Australian South Sea Islander and Melanesian Life-Stories

The Oceania Working Party's first workshop for 2022 focused on "Australian South Sea Islander and Melanesian Life-Stories". The workshop featured a co-presentation by Dr Melinda Mann and Kim Kruger on doing Australian South Sea Islander and Melanesian biography. 

Medical Humanities

The Future Repeats Itself: Historical Roots of Anti-Chinese Animus in the time of COVID

This inaugural virtual series, which illustrated the imaginative possibilities of the Medical Humanities, featured Professor Ari Heinrich insights on the evolution of anti-Chinese sentiment, including during the Covid era.  



The MemoryHub@ANU brings together researchers from the College of Arts and Social Sciences, the College of Asia and the Pacific and elsewhere to engage in dialogue on memory and commemoration across the disciplines, with the wider public and with an international network of memory scholars.