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Less Commonly Taught/Rare Languages

Learning a language is the best way to truly understand another culture, and we offer more Asian and Pacific Languages than any other institution in Australia. 

When you learn a rare language with us, you not only open up gateways to in-country experiences and to new career prospects. You gain that edge with niche capabilities that empower you to immerse yourself in local cultures and conversations.

When it comes to less commonly taught languages of our region, we offer one of the largest offerings of Less Commonly Taught Languages anywhere: Cantonese, Hindi, Mongolian, Sanskrit, Tetum, Thai, Tibetan, Tok Pisin, Vietnamese and Taiwanese. 

Did you know that ANU is the only university in Australia to offer Tetum? We are also home to the first and only Tibetan program to be offered entirely online. We are the first in the Southern Hemisphere to offer Mongolian language classes as well.