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Archaeology and Natural History explores deep time in the Asia Pacific region with a focus on the interaction of people with the environment.

Our Department works in a space beyond modern geographies and the written record, unpacking and connecting cultural developments across this vast region.

We are a unique multidisciplinary unit, integrating environmental scientists and archaeologists to uncover patterns in human behavior, cultural development and environmental change through millennia across this vast region. 

As a highly active research unit we provide PhD students with opportunities for exciting and ground-breaking projects. Current and recent PhD projects in the Department span topics such as rock art in Southeast Asia and Australia; modern human dispersal, adaptation and behaviour enroute to Australia; modelling sea level change and colonization across the Pacific; climate change and the abandonment of islands; the lifeways of the earliest Australians; fire and the Australian environment; protection of Aboriginal heritage sites endangered by climate change; and changes in textile production over millennia in Chile.

Professor Simon Haberle's insights on the Canberra Pollen app launched in 2014, developed by ANH using its expertise in pre-historic pollen to study pollen in the modern atmosphere


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The Archaeology and Natural History department's laboratories house state-of-the-art equipment for the exploration of environmental and archaeological questions.

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