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The Master of Engaging Asia (1.5 years full-time, or part-time equivalent) immerses students in Asian studies with the goal of fostering engaged, global citizenship. The program takes a pragmatic, professional focus to position you to build deep, engaged and effective relationships with Asia in a changing world.

You will gain multidisciplinary perspectives designed to build a flexible skill set for professional advancement that allows you to approach key challenges in the region with rigour, empathy, and nuance.

The Master of Engaging Asia offers the comparative and self-reflective perspective necessary for intercultural leadership skills. You can pursue advanced study in areas of international engagement, social change, political transformation, health crisis and environmental challenges.

You will have the opportunity to apply these regional understandings to such fields as business, diplomacy, tourism, environmental management, and public policy in courses offered across The Australian National University (ANU).

This program is also one of the few postgraduate programs at ANU that allows and encourages language learning.

With a deep understanding and appreciation of the cultures and languages of the Asian region, our graduates have pursued diverse and exciting careers across the world, including in:

  • Business
  • Diplomacy and foreign affairs
  • Non-government organisations
  • Research
  • Consultancies
  • Government and public service
  • Intergovernmental agencies
  • International relations and trade
  • Development and aid
  • Communications, journalism and media
  • Education
  • Multinational corporations
  • Private not-for-profit organisations

The learning experience

The Master of Engaging Asia is a condensed, 72-unit program designed to cater to working professionals with leadership ambitions. Embedded in the ANU College of Asia and the Pacific - home to one of the greatest collections of region-specific expertise and specialist academic programs in the English-speaking world - this degree will give you the opportunity to develop long-term networks with leading experts in regional affairs. We offer world-class language training and provide notable opportunities for in-country experiences.

As part of your study in the Master of Engaging Asia you can develop your language skills by studying one or more of the following languages: Burmese, Cantonese, Literary Chinese, Mandarin, Hindi, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Mongolian, Sanskrit, Taiwanese, Tetum, Thai, Tibetan, Tok Pisin or Vietnamese. 


The Australian National University (ANU) offers a wide range of scholarships to students to Assist with the cost of their studies

Eligibility to apply for ANU scholarships varies depending on the specifics of the scholarship and can be categorised by the type of student you are. Specific scholarship application process information is included in the relevant scholarship listing.

Whether you are looking for financial support to start your studies at ANU or help to move away from home for the first time, we have scholarship opportunities for you and your situation.

Graduate Certificate of Engaging Asia

For those unable to commit to the full 1.5 year (full-time) program, the Graduate Certificate of Engaging Asia is a pathway option for this degree. This 24-unit (6 months, full-time) certificate provides an introduction to the immersive Master’s experience, as well as an option for early exit.