Author Book Talk and Open Class, presented by ANU School of Culture, History & Language, the ANU Korea Institute and Changbi Publishers

Join us to explore Korean Young Adult literature through an engaging discussion inspired by the award-winning novel Pa-int 페인트. This virtual event offers a unique opportunity to delve into the thought-provoking themes and captivating narrative of Pa-int while also examining broader trends in Korean Young Adult fiction. With the esteemed author, Lee Hee-Young, participants will embark on a journey through the pages of Pa-int, as the novel's premise—a futuristic society where children select their own parents through interviews—serves as a catalyst for exploring themes of autonomy, family dynamics, and societal norms. Through a summary of the novel and an examination of its themes, participants will gain a deeper understanding of the complexities of Korean Young Adult fiction and its relevance to contemporary society. Following the discussion, the Korean language class students from ANU and the University of Melbourne students will bring the novel to life by reading aloud passages they selected, offering their own interpretations and reflections on the text.

About the Author and Speaker

Lee Hee-Young, an esteemed author celebrated for her insightful teen novels, has been shaping the landscape of young adult literature since her debut. Winner of the 1st Kim Seung-Ok Literary Award in 2013, Lee has since accrued numerous accolades, including the 10th 5.18 Literary Award, the grand prize at the 3rd Deungdae Literature Award, and the 12th Changbi Prize for Young Adult Fiction. Lee’s writing does not merely aim to understand teens but seeks to walk beside them, sharing in their journey with empathy and support.

About the Open Class

This event also serves as an Open Class as part of an initiative to introduce reading and listening to audiobook beyond textbooks into Korean language classes for Australian university students. Students from Korean 5 classes at ANU (taught by Ms. Jeong Yoon Ku) and the University of Melbourne (taught by Dr. Sin Ji Jung) have been engaging in reading activities with Pa-int throughout the semester, and they will perform reading aloud session during this event.

About the Moderator

Joseph Oh is a final-year student studying a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Arts (Political Science, Art History) at the Australian National University and member of ‘Kambri Collective’, a group of young translators interested in Korean literature.

This event is sponsored by Changbi Publishers and ANU Korea Institute.

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Event Speakers

Lee Hee-Young

Lee Hee-Young

Lee Hee-Young 's notable works include Salt Child 소금 아이I & I 나나, and Pa-int 페인트, each exploring profound themes of identity and interpersonal relationships through the lens of adolescence.





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Lee Hee-Young