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About the Test

The Japanese Language Proficiency Test is conducted both in Japan and abroad to assess and certify the proficiency levels of learners of the Japanese language. The JLPT is the largest-scale Japanese-language test in the world.

Since 1984, The Japan Foundation and Japan Educational Exchanges and Services have administered the test. Today, it is widely recognised across corporate entities, educational institutions and the government sector as a benchmark of proficiency measurement; it is also a strong motivator for students of the Japanese language.

Please contact the Japan Foundation, Sydney for general information about the test and application.

Please send Canberra-specific inquiries such as the matters relevant to the process after the application for the test to the local administrative team in Canberra via this form.

In Australia, the test is held either in July or December in cities such as Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, and Canberra. Canberra has been one of the few cities that host the test in July.

JLPT Proficiency Levels
JLPT Proficiency Levels

Proficiency Levels

There are five levels of proficiency, with N5 being the beginner level and N1 the proficient level.

Please refer to N1-N5: A summary of linguistic competence required for each level and Comparison of new and old tests, which explains approximate equivalence of levels between the new test (from 2010) and the old test (until 2009).


You can also understand the levels from example questions in New Japanese-Language Proficiency Test sample questions.


Prepare for the Test

To prepare for the test, use resources such as Let’s Try Sample Questions and New Japanese -Language Proficiency Test Sample Questions on the JLPT official website.

General information can be sought from the Japan Foundation, Sydney. Please refer to the JLPT Australia webpage or send an inquiry to the Japan Foundation, Sydney. 


Click here for updates on the current year’s test in Canberra. 

JLPT: Apply Now
JLPT: Apply Now

Apply to Take the Test

Application periods

• July Test: Typically announced by early February; application expected to start in March
• December Test: Typically announced from early July; application commencing in late July or August


  • N1, N2 and N3 $95 Test fee + $6.90 Eventbrite booking fee, inclusive of GST
  • N4 and N5 $85 Test fee + $6.31 Eventbrite booking fee, inclusive of GST

The Eventbrite booking fee is non-refundable.

Applications are administered centrally by the Japan Foundation, Sydney. Please visit the JLPT Australia webpage to register and make payments for the test.